JoAnn Fabrics

May 30, 2019

Salt Lake City, Utah



Space remodel for JoAnn Fabrics - we were responsible for the concentric kits, setting the units, and running some ductwork in the storage, bathrooms, and other areas.



A relatively small job, but we are always grateful to work with these chain stores!

Columbia Sportswear

May 30, 2019

Farmington, Utah


Scope of Work: HVAC 



Exposed ductwork is one of our favorite types of work because people get to see our quality. Our team installed all the ductwork at this new Station Park shop and it turned out great! We enjoyed working with all the subcontractors and general contractor - a great group of people!

Popeyes Chicken

October 10, 2017

Ogden, Utah

We are involved in the manufacturing and installation of the ductwork for the Popeyes Chicken on Riverdale Rd, Utah. It is rather a small job, but we are grateful for the connections and for the work. 

The stainless steel on this job for the back kitchen area was very time consuming, but we got it done and it looks GOOD!

Raising Cane's Chicken

November 24, 2017

Waikiki, HI

We worked with a few local subcontractors on a smaller restaurant in Hawaii, while we forwent manufacturing the ductwork we found a small shop (Unifab) in Waikiki that helped us out.

Some simple fan coils, exhaust systems, kitchen hoods and make-up air unit was all there was to this job,

Tuacahn Center for the Arts

June 01, 2015


St. George, Utah

Scope of Work: Air Fans

Engineer: Van Boerum and Frank

We didn't do too much work, but we did install these big fans to keep the attendees cool during the warm summer months.

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