Oval Ductwork

Oval ductwork is an efficient mode to transport air in HVAC systems and, like spiral pipe, is gaining popularity due to their contemporary aesthetic appeal and efficiency. Flat oval ductwork is made from slit metal that is spun into an interlocking seam, forming a spiral pattern pipe. The spiral pipe is then stretched to the appropriate flat oval size.

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Our HVAC Oval Ductwork

Our oval ductwork is held together either by a welded seam, standard lateral seam, or corrugated lateral seam. Although flat oval has become more popular, rectangular ductwork is still easier, more automated, and less cumbersome.

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United Team Mechanical adheres to the following industry standards when constructing flat oval ductwork:

  • ASTM A653-96 Galvanized G90 Steel
  • SMACNA compliant
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Flat Oval Ductwork Options

Pipe Sizes

  • Based on major and minor axis

Metal Type

  • Galvanized Steel (G-90)
  • Aluminum (.032 & .040)
  • Paint Lock* (24ga & 22ga)
  • Stainless Steel* (24ga)
  • PVS*

*only select gauges are available with this type of metal.

Pipe Length

  • Any size from 12″ – 120″ (standard length is 120″)

Metal Gauge

  • 18
  • 20
  • 22
  • 24
  • 26

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Advantages of Oval Ductwork

If space is not an issue and efficiency and aesthetics are a priority, then oval ductwork could be your solution.

Lower Fabrication Cost

According to SMACNA duct design manual, oval is 25% the cost of rectangular duct.

More Efficient HVAC System

The surface area of oval is much less than rectangular, which translates to less air friction and a more efficient system (i.e. a 12″x12″ duct has a stretch-out of 48″ which equates to a 13.1″ round duct or a 41″ stretch-out, a savings of nearly 15%.

Faster Installation

Traditionally, rectangular ductwork is built and assembled in 5′ sections. Oval, however, can be built in 10′ sections.

Lower Installation Cost

Because oval duct comes in longer segments, more can be installed in less time with fewer connections, maximizing cost of install.

Less Air Loss

Not only does oval ductwork require less transverse duct connections, but it has no longitudinal connections. It can be difficult to achieve less than a 5% air flow loss with rectangular. Oval averages a 1-2% air loss.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Oval ductwork absorbs the noise of the equipment far better than rectangular ductwork. Rectangular ductwork tends to reverberate throughout the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make oval duct?

Flat oval is simply spiral pipe that has simply been stretched on a machine to the proper dimensions.

How do you calculate oval duct area?

The simplest way to figure out the oval duct area is to calculate the area of a cylinder (spiral pipe) before it is stretched. For example, if you are figuring the area of a 24″ ø pipe, (plug the height and radius into this formula is 2πrh + 2πrˆ2. Divide that by 144, and your square footage is ~69 for a 24″ ø pipe that is 120º.

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