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Industrial and mining projects are complex and hazardous environments to work in. Not only do mines and industrial work sites require special training, heightened observation, and technical knowledge, but also an increased knowledge of specific safety protocols. United Team Mechanical meets all of these requirements.

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The mining industry includes open pit mining, underground mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction. US mines produced approximately $83.2 billion in minerals for 2020 – just a bit lower than 2019. The heavy industrial sector is increasing in water and sewer facilities, hydroelectric energy plants, railroads, and subways, overall spending close to $5 trillion globally.

Quality Suppliers

In our duct fabrication shop, we begin our quality control with our suppliers, you cannot have a quality product without having the right raw materials. In our case, we buy American steel that is properly coated.

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Industrial | Mining

Contracting Work

Clients of heavy construction typically are federal, state, and municipalities. Procurement can be overly competitive and complex at this scale, making for small profit margins, averaging around 2.5%. The majority of work bid in the industrial and mining industry are a fixed-price contract, often making it very risky for contractors.

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Our Advantage


We have a positive history of:

  1. Getting the job done
  2. Working well with other contractors, the owners, suppliers, and general contractors
  3. Stepping-up to meet any challenge
  4. Taking responsibility for the project
Everyone Goes Home

One of our four core values. Safety isn’t just going through the motions, our team are considered family and friends and don’t want to see anyone get hurt.


Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Our key team members each have ~40 years experience in the commercial HVAC industry. Management has over 250 years of combined experience alone.


The ability to fabricate ductwork inside our own facility gives us the opportunity to control our schedule to meet the fast-paced schedule of today. Other companies must turn to outside sources to supply ductwork, we fabricate our own.


Furthermore, our service department has the capability to check, test, and start-up the equipment we set. In many cases, our team doesn’t require factory start-up personnel to come to the jobsite because as you know this never happens on schedule.


After installing your complete HVAC system and equipment out team will provide preventative maintenance on the equipment we are already familiar with. contact our service department to solve your HVAC maintenance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial HVAC?

Similar to commercial HVAC, but the applications are much more complex. The equipment, specifications and materials are heavier duty, specialized, and expensive.

What safety certifications are required for most mines?

You must have your OSHA and MSHA training completed before setting foot on any mine site. Mines typically have a mine-specific orientation that is required. Furthermore, whips, wheel chocks, and other added measures of safety are absolutely critical.

How often to service HVAC?

In a mining or industrial application, we would recommend servicing equipment monthly (changing filters, inspecting equipment, checking temperatures/pressures, etc).

What is a HVAC contractor?

Typically contracted by owners or general contractors to provide design, installation of duct and equipment, and service work on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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