United Team Mechanical specializes in upgrading and replacing HVAC systems, including parts on the equipment, the ductwork, grilles, and registers.

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The HVAC industry is heating up as a large trend toward green energy gains more tractions. Typically 40% of utility costs are associated with your HVAC system. This means that the HVAC industry plays a large role in becoming more energy efficient.

Quality Suppliers

In our duct fabrication shop, we begin our quality control with our suppliers, you cannot have a quality product without having the right raw materials. In our case, we buy American steel that is properly coated.

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HVAC Fabrication and Manufacturing

Commercial HVAC Replacement

United Team Mechanical has a keen ability to assess unique situations and design a system to meet your HVAC needs. Our team draws from a long history of experience in the industry to accomplish this. We have the installation, manufacturing and service capabilities to back it up.

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Benefits to Replacing HVAC Systems

Lower Utility Bills

You pay less in utility bills from the added efficiency you gain. Most air handlers have improved equipment that draw less energy. This allows you to put more money otherwise spent on utilities into growing and strengthening your business.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce your energy footprint, which can be a massive step forward for large companies with high energy consuming equipment. Operate an environmentally friendly business by switching out your old, high energy consuming equipment.

Increase Comfort

New equipment is able to provide cleaner, more sensitive temperature control, and in some cases particulate counts. Futhermore, the newer equipment can be much quieter and less distracting.

More Options

You will have  more options for moving air, air cleaners, and an array of special options to fulfill your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to replace HVAC system?

Commercial HVAC System get expensive very quickly. To replace an entire system including equipment, ductwork, grilles and registers will be no less than $50k for a small, single level office building with 2-3 RTUs and a small bathroom.

Do you need a permit for HVAC replacement?

Possibly – it may require a permit depending on the location of the site. In many instances, we use a crane to move the equipment and therefore need a permit. Furthermore, in order to handle refrigerant you must have your EPA and other necessary certifications.

How to replace HVAC filter?

This is a simple task on most residential units that only requires a most basic mechanical ability. Changing filters in commercial air handlers and roof-top units is not complicated, but it does require a bit more industry knowledge. Typically your filters will be located on your return air close to the equipment. Most filters have an access door to which you can reach in and replace the filters with minimal effort.

How to replace HVAC ductwork?

Removing old ductwork, as with any demolition, is the easy part of the job. After removing the old duct, measure up all of the distances, sizes, and parts that you will need and order the necessary parts. Tips for installing ductwork: (1) do everything on the ground that you can (2) put up hangers before you are holding the duct in the air (3) layout your duct on the ground. If this sounds too cumbersome, just let us do it – it’s what we are good at.

How often do you have to replace HVAC?

If you have done the proper preventative maintenance on your equipment, then your equipment should last for 20+ years. Sensors, motors, or blowers are common problems to keep an eye on if your equipment stops running.

Is HVAC a capital improvement?

The regulation states, “A capital improvement is defined as an amount paid after a property is place in service that results in a betterment, adaptation, or restoration to the unit of property or building system. An HVAC system is one of the eight different systems that is directly mentioned in applying to this regulation.

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