In most circumstances simple maintenance can keep your commercial air handler running for years. If repair costs exceed the cost of the unit, only then will we suggest replacing your air handler. Changing out an old unit can be expensive, but in some cases necessary.

Air Handler Replacement Cost

Replacing an air handler can be either a simple switch out, or it can be a lengthly, extremely complex job. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to estimate an air handler replacement cost, but we can offer you this information. The air handler replacement cost can increase significantly if the following conditions are present: 

  • Access - ground level, crane, the building built around the air handler, unable to pull out the unit in one piece

  • Size - equipment is large and requires specialty tools, more manpower to control air handler and more hours to complete the job safely

  • Strenuous - tight time schedule, physically demanding, extreme planning and coordination

  • Specialty System - not typical of a regular air handler replacement 

  • Unique Factors - multiplying the complexity of the job

For an air handler replacement cost estimate, call Carrie Hale (801) 991-1129.

Benefits to Replace Air Handler

Our largest concern for replacing an air handler is the cost justification, in most cases the money saved from future efficiencies and forgone repairs will easily justify the upfront cost of a new air handler unit. 

  • Lower Utility Bills - you pay less in utility bills from the added efficiency you gain. Most air handlers have improved equipment that draw less energy. Allowing you to put the money otherwise spent in utilities to growing and strengthening your business.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption - reduce your energy footprint, which can be a massive step forward for large companies with high energy consuming equipment. Operate an environmentally friendly business by switching out your old, high energy consuming equipment. 

  • Increase Comfort - new air handlers are able to provide cleaner, more sensitive temperature, particulate counts depending on your business needs.

  • More Options - you will have more options for moving air, air cleaners, and an array of special needs.

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