If your HVAC equipment is not found in a mechanical room, above the ceiling, or on a slab outside, then it will likely be on the roof. When the air handler is not in sight, it usually gets forgotten about or brushed over until an issue happens. Air handler units self contain everything needed to condition a space - which demands maintenance at all times of the year. 

What are the benefits of air handler maintenance?

HVAC equipment is usually "out of sight, out of mind" and can be easily neglected. Do not allow your HVAC equipment to literally blow money out of your company - consider these benefits:


Mechanical equipment lasts longer when properly maintained

Cost Savings

Replace equipment less frequent and save on utility bills

Less Problems

Don't wait for an emergency - ultimately affecting your business

Peace of Mind

Our business is keeping your business running comfortably

United Team Mechanical's Air Handler Preventive Maintenance Program

No two buildings are alike, neither are the HVAC equipment inside; therefore, our commercial air handler maintenance contracts are built custom to your needs.


Sign up for our Air Handler Preventive Maintenance Program to receive the following benefits:


  • 24/7 on-call service

  • Professional service technicians

  • On-time scheduled maintenance

  • Access to a full fabrication shop and installation service options

Air Handler Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Often times the buildings already have a maintenance crew - consider the following tips:

  • Shut off all electrical power - use all proper safety equipment (LOTO) and follow all necessary guidelines and procedures. 

  • Overall unit condition - check to ensure air handler is free of debris (leaves, paper, etc), especially around inlet screens and inside the air handler.

  • Filter replacement - follow the manufacturer's recommendations and replace filters at the beginning of each cooling and heating season or according to your building demands.

  • Belts - check condition, tension, and pulley alignment - replace with any signs of wear and tear.

  • Inspect fans - lubricate motor and fan bearings, check fan condition (chips, cracks, dirt) and check drive alignment. Ensure the fan is centered within the appropriate housing.

  • Coils - clean condenser and evaporative coils of all dirt and debris to increase equipment efficiency. (TIP: wash back toward return air - careful not to overwhelm condensate pan)

  • Compressor and refrigerant - run unit 15+ minutes to stabilize system pressure. Check the refrigerant level (correct level listed on the unit nameplate) and compressor oil level (add as needed).

  • Combustion air motor and chamber - clean obvious debris from the chamber, inspect for unusual wear and tear.

  • Clean condensate drain - flush out all dirt and debris from condensate drain, ensure proper drainage.


This list is not a comprehensive maintenance schedule, but simply a few tips to help you get started in the right direction. For a full maintenance schedule and service sign up for United Team Mechanical's Air Handler Maintenance Program.

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