10 Tips to Lowering Heating Bill

February 11, 2018

Is your heating bill higher than you would like it? Here are a few tips to keeping your temperature up in your house and your bill down. 


Keeping warm during the winter months is obviously a must, and you may get lucky years as this one where the average temperature is warmer than usual. However, the lack of snow also creates a problem because the snow layer on your roof adds another layer of insulation - since we have no snow this year we are missing that layer of insulation.


1. After you are done using the oven, leave the door open to disperse the warm air throughout the kitchen. Be aware of children climbing on the warm oven door. 



2. Ceiling fans - you may not believe it but ceiling fans can actually help pull the warm air from up high and force it down. (Warm air rises due to the molecules moving faster, they then become less dense and rise to the top.)