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Although dealing with other subcontractors and general contractors can somewhat tedious and tricky - we have a team of professional office and field staff to mitigate this pain. We are a premier HVAC contractor operating in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, California, and about 10+ other states across the United States.

HVAC Springville Aquatic Center

One of the most impressive parts, however, is not that we only install very custom duct, but we design, fabricate, service air systems. We go from the concept stage to the production to the install. We know what it takes to accomplish large HVAC contracting projects. We are constantly refreshing our knowledge of the ever changing HVAC industry, staying in compliance with OSHA and SMACNA standards.

custom duct fabrication

We are passionate about what we do - our owners have been operating in this business since the early 1800's! More like the mid 1900's, and they know how to adapt, build for quality, and have some good fun in the meantime. United Team Mechanical can solve all the HVAC problems you may be facing - we can design, manufacture, and install and provide service for your commercial HVAC needs.

We are proud of our team and are always looking for more qualified personnel to bring onto our team - we could use intelligent, qualified, and hard-working people to supplement our already amazing team.

You might be thinking that we were done already - but actually we are just beginning because I haven't even mentioned our weld shop, run by Kevin Graham. He does an amazing job and being detailed, meticulous, and very professional. If you need anything that requires some sort of welding - I know that the weld shop can help you with your needs. We have built anything from trailers to 2" elbows.

We are proud to be representing the HVAC industry in Utah and hope that you will consider United Team Mechanical when you are in need of some professional air service!

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