The NEW COMPANY VIDEO is finally released...

Building a video to accurately represent the story behind United Team Mechanical was not easy! Encompass, a large, full-scale construction company bought out Team Mechanical in the mid- 1990's. The Encompass management team, however, took their focus from the company. Bad soon turned to worse and in 2002 they closed their doors. Ted Taylor, Van, and Glen (3 original owners) decided it was time to create a company and lifestyle they were in charge of. Hence, the phrase "Some of the worlds greatest opportunities are born from the ashes, we are no different."

The owners needed to not only make a living for themselves, but the many other families that were going to be without a paycheck. They went forth building a company that focuses on the financial, physical, and mental health of its employees.

But doesn't every company claim this, but only a few are actually able to deliver the results that our team has. The management has been astounding!

Although we didn't have enough time in the video, because we all know that after 2 minutes everyone looses interest in videos, United Team Mechanical does duct fabrication, service, maintenance, field installation, design and build our own projects. We are a fully outfitted HVAC contractor, the biggest non-union sheet metal shop in Utah.

Please enjoy the video! Luckily, we had the help of the talented videographer and designer, James Astle. After his countless hours of editing, filming, planning, and reviewing we have finally finished the company video.

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