Cutting sheet metal has never been so easy. Our state of the art laser cutting machine will exceed your expectations- we are able to cut mild steel, aluminum, galvanized, black iron, stainless steel and PVS up to 3/4" thick. The tolerance on our laser cut sheet metal is ± .001" (nearly the width of a human hair).

Our Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

The laser cutting is only the beginning - we have a full sheet metal shop to back it up. We have breaks, drill presses, rollers, shears, welders and a variety of other machines. Not only do we cut the metal, but we form it to your specifications as well. 

Metal Type

  • Galvanized Steel (G-90)

  • Aluminum .032 & .040

  • Paint Lock* (24 ga & 22 ga)

  • Stainless Steel* (24 ga)

  • PVS*

Metal Gauge

  • 3/4" - 26 ga

Only select gauges are available with this type of metal.

Metal Cutting

We specialize in forming and making ductwork - but the laser also allows us to cut brackets, bend various parts, and customize any type of metal. If you have any brackets, pieces, parts that are made of metal, then our laser can help produce the highest quality.


Our laser has operated for cabinet shops, the United States military, barn door manufacturers, and many, many others. If you have any custom parts that are required to have a small tolerance, then you have come to the right place. 

Advantages of Laser Cutting

Sheet metal cutting has never been easier, quicker or better than it is with a laser cutter.


  • Faster cutting - the laser is fast, really fast! It can cut up to speeds of 450 feet/min (the equivalent of 5 mph).


  • Precision - imagine cutting metal with the tip of a ballpoint pen, our laser is even more accurate.


  • Smooth - traditional cutting on a plasma table left burrs around the edge of the metal, the laser is silky smooth.


  • Cooler - not only is the plasma table "cooler" in the sense of status but also in temperature. You can cut without warping the metal.


  • Savings - why should you care? The laser produces a better, higher quality product faster than most other sheet metal shops. Those savings are passed onto you.


  • Less pollution - we care about our work environment for our people and this totally enclosed system keeps our sheet metal shop air quality top notch. 


United Team Mechanical products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SMACNA, ASHRAE and SPIDA standards. In an on-going effort to improve our products, United Team Mechanical reserves the right to revise the design and/or specifications of its products as technology advances or applicable standards change.