United Team Mechanical is invested in employee safety - not just because we have to, or for the safety rating, we care about the people we work with, we want our friends to go home to their families without injury.

T - trust each other

E - everyone goes home
A - always return and report
M - make it happen


2018 Gold STEP Award Recipient

The safety STEP award from ABC Inc, is a great achievement for our team.


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CERTIFICATION RENEWAL - annually we hold a company-wide training for all lifts, ladders, fall protection, OSHA 10 & 30 hour, defensive driving, CPR and monthly HVAC safety skills.

TOOLBOX TALKS - weekly we read an in-depth report on a specific safety topic. Our topics will revolve around current issues, recent updates and other employee safety needs. Furthermore, a third-party consultant walks our job sites, provides us with current information and helps coordinate our safety efforts.

SAFETY ORIENTATION (NEW HIRE | ON SITE) - each time a new employee is welcomed to the team we spend time discussing the overall safety culture of the company.  All employees are taken on the job site to give them a hands-on, more comprehensive training. 

JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS (JHA) - each work day our project supervisor and team members meet to discuss the daily tasks at hand, analyze the safety risks and ultimately how to mitigate those risks. On top of our JHA, we additionally inspect our equipment (Equipment Pre-Inspection), record near misses (Daily Report) and perform random drug-screening.