Rectangular ductwork is used as main truck lines in a HVAC system. This ductwork is perfect when ceiling space is a concern, rectangular ductwork maximizes the space above the ceiling. We also offer double wall rectangular ductwork for sound and loss reductions.

Our Rectangular Ductwork

Our rectangular ductwork is most commonly built in "L" sections, requiring two sections to complete one full joint of duct. We also offer wrap-around duct and  4 - section rectangular duct as well. Our transverse joints are either pittsburgh or snap-lock.

Snap - lock Transverse Seam

Pittsburgh Transverse Seam

Choose from the following options:

Rectangular Duct Size

  • 2 Piece/ L-shape anything less than 120" stretch-out

Metal Type

  • Galvanized Steel (G-90)

  • Aluminum .032 & .040

  • Paint Lock* (24 ga & 22 ga)

  • Stainless Steel* (24 ga)

  • PVS*

Rectangular Duct Length

  • Custom Lengths

  • Slip & Drive Joint - 59" 

  • TDC Joint - 56"

Transverse End Types

  • TDC

  • Slip & Drive

  • Furnace Flange (1/2", 1")

  • Raw 

  • 1" Flange

Only select gauges are available with this type of metal.

Advantages of Rectangular Ductwork

If you are tight on space and are totally enclosed above the ceiling, then rectangular duct could be your best option.

  • Low Pressure - lower pressure rectangular duct performs very well in rectangular ductwork.

  • Height Requirement - rectangular ductwork maximizes the space above ceiling, allowing for larger duct.

  • Taps - traditionally HETO (high-efficiency take-offs) are more readily available than round taps, due to the custom sizing of round.


United Team Mechanical products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SMACNA, ASHRAE and SPIDA standards. In an on-going effort to improve our products, United Team Mechanical reserves the right to revise the design and/or specifications of its products as technology advances or applicable standards change.

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