Wasatch Mixed Waste

January 01, 2020


Layton, UT

General Contractor | Customer: Valley Design Construction

Responsible for a great HVAC system on site.

Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility - Biosolids Improvement

October 01, 2019


Riverton, UT​​

Engineer: Bowen Collins & Association

Responsible for the Biosolids Improvement - 

Northrup & Gruman G-12

June 03, 2019


Clearfield, UT​​​

Installing ductwork for a variety of processes - room tempering and specialized equipment.

Evanston Carbon Fiber

August 22, 2019


Evanston, WY​

Engineer: Case, Lowe & Hart

Great carbon fiber plant in Wyoming - it was a challenge to install the fully welded pipe.

Robinson Mine

January 01, 2020

Ely, NV

We have had a great relationship with this mine! Although it is a long drive, we enjoy the work. As you can see, the equipment they have is astounding. 

Cortez Hills Gold Mine

August 30, 2019

Lander, Nevada


Scope of Work: Dust Collector Piping


Cortez Hills Gold Mine has been a more recent development for the Nevada economy - one that was very timely after the 2008 Recession. The mine has invested millions into building, exploration and operating this mine. United Team Mechanical has been lucky to work underground with thousands of other miners.


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Northrop & Grumman - G12

June 03, 2019


Clearfield, Utah


Scope of Work: Ducting System


Northrop & Grumman (NG) specializes in aerospace technology - we have had the privilege of working closely with NG for quite some time. 


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Craig Nox Station

May 01, 2017




Scope of Work: HVAC


Colorado Powerplant - a very unique project that we were able to use one of the biggest cranes I have ever seen. Rated to do over a million tons - pretty impressive! 

Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation

Salt Lake City, Utah

With roots dating back to the early 19th century, our history is one of hard working miners, scientists, adventurers and entrepreneurs who depended on the compass for underground navigation as they sought the minerals that would help them prosper.

Cripple Creek & Victor Mine (CC&V)

May 01, 2016


Newmont, Colorado


Scope of Work: HVAC

Engineer: Foster Wheeler

General Contractor: GE Johnson Construction


Newmont’s Cripple Creek & Victor Mine (CC&V) is located in Teller County, Colorado, southwest of Pikes Peak. CC&V began surface mining operations in 1976, with mining in its Cresson Project starting in 1995.


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LaBarge, Wyoming

The $86 million expansion includes the installation of compressors to capture 50 percent more carbon dioxide for potential use in enhanced oil recovery and other industrial uses.

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