The best way to improve your indoor air quality is through first and foremost containing, reducing and removing sources of pollutants. Even when this is done, however, you may need additional filtration and ventilation. 

How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Plants are often touted as able to clean air, but plants sitting passively in a space is not a enough of a contribution to purify indoor air. Our team, however, has experience with improving indoor air quality in the following ways:

  • Source Control - find the source of the foul, polluted or hazardous air and try to minimize the amount excreted into the air space. Certain indoor air quality situations cannot be avoided and require ventilation, air cleaners or other specialty equipment.

  • Ventilation Improvements - after you have minimized the source, our team can install fans and other equipment to bring in outside air and cycle out the foul, polluted or hazardous indoor air.

  • Air Cleaners - as air is dumped outside or cycled through the machine, either way the filters on the air handling equipment will filter the air. If typical filters are not enough, we do install HEPA filters for a more fine filtration. 

  • Other - although engineers determine the equipment needed to meet the customers, owners demands - we have had a great deal of experience installing and working with this equipment. We can provide valuable feedback and input regarding your air filtration system - to keep your indoor air quality at acceptable levels.

We have built, installed 250+ hospitals, water treatment plants, clean rooms, extreme filtration systems - so you could say we have some experience when it comes to improving indoor air quality.

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