Our business is keeping your business running, worry-free. When your business suffers any range of heating, cooling, or ventilation issues, our TEAM will be there. We will cover all your commercial HVAC service, maintenance, replacement, and repair needs.

"Quality, knowledgeable, reliable and professional commercial HVAC service."

Servicing and repairing commercial HVAC equipment can easily overwhelm ill-equipped service techs. The equipment tends to be more complex, larger and requires a different level of knowledge than your average residential HVAC tech. Each building has a unique set of challenges and requirements (clean rooms, pressurizing necessities, zoning, restricted access) all of which we take into account when building custom maintenance plans.

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At United Team Mechanical, we offer commercial HVAC service on the following:

Commercial Air Handler Unit Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Whether it be a Goodman, Carrier, Trane, York, etc. air handler, our team has experience with that type of unit. These air handler units combine all your space conditioning into one, which make these units more complicated - demanding our skilled techs. United Team Mechanical® has years and years of experience replacing rooftop units, which requires skilled rigging, crane coordination, risk analysis and careful planning.

Once your commercial air handler units are up and running or newly installed they must be maintained. Basic maintenance can be done in-house, but other more comprehensive maintenance requires our techs who have the certifications, specialty tools and technical knowledge. Learn more...

Commercial Fan Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

United Team Mechanical® has dealt with nearly every type of ventilation fan, from simply moving air to complex systems carrying hazardous particles and everything in-between. Our HVAC techs are familiar with your system. Businesses should not risk contaminating sensitive environments simply due to a ventilation issue - keep your peace of mind at work, and have one less worry.


At United Team Mechanical® our professional technicians can repair, replace and maintain commercial fans. When your entire business is on the line, we are prompt to respond. We will work with your schedule to fulfill all of your needs. Learn more...

Commercial Furnace Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Commercial heating equipment is all interconnected, complex and require special certifications to operate on. Do not fret, United Team Mechanical® technicians have the means to identify, address and get your system running in no time.

If it happens that your system needs to be replaced, no problem. Our team can handle any commercial fan replacement - no matter the challenge. Learn more...

Commercial AC Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning equipment is often forgotten about until crisis arises, leaving your business uncomfortable. With good maintenance, many issues can be avoided. Inevitably your equipment will malfunction, United Team Mechanical® has relationships with suppliers to get parts when you need them most, and our service technicians can replace them to ultimately get your business back to business.

If it happens that your commercial AC system needs to be completely replaced, no problem. Our team will take into account your budget, needs, requirements, location and install the new equipment or system. Learn more...

Commercial Air Quality Solutions

United Team Mechanical® takes into account the cleanliness, temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume, circulation characteristics, odors and noise when determining solutions for air quality. Whether you are a hotel, airport, restaurant, medical facility or government facility our team can provide solutions to your specifications. Learn more...

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration are absolutely essential for some businesses. Our technicians are well-versed in commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance. Our technicians inspect, identify and resolve potential issues on your equipment before an emergency occurs. Learn more...

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