HVAC ductwork acts as a conduit to transfer conditioned air from one space to another, mostly from a furnace, air handler, fan or HVAC equipment to a space nearby. Today, HVAC ductwork is typically fabricated from galvanized sheet metal, but can be formed from other metals as well. We form sheet metal ductwork in a variety of types, including:

Our HVAC Ductwork

We fabricate over 10 million variations of our products, including: size, shape, connection, seam, insulation, gauge, metal, double wall and reinforcements. Most manufacturing facilities can streamline their products - by only making a few variations - but custom ductwork doesn't allow for this. At United Team Mechanical our HVAC ductwork is custom - built to each job specification.

Quality is often a buzzword many businesses use, but what is quality duct? Does ductwork pass as quality simply because it looks good? What standards do you measure quality with?

In our duct fabrication shop, we begin our quality control with our suppliers, you cannot have a quality product without having the right raw materials. In our case, we buy American steel that is properly coated - that is United Team Mechanical quality. 

United Team Mechanical's sheet metal shop then cuts, bends and forms the proper American made metal- meticulously following SMACNA standards in the entire fabrication process - that is United Team Mechanical quality!

Lastly, we believe in a quality process for our customer - meaning we meet your requests to the best of our ability. No hassle, no extra steps, no arguments, just honest business with customers - that is United Team Mechanical quality. 


Choose Your HVAC Ductwork

Consider the following factors when designing your HVAC system:

Space Availability - branch systems typically require larger amounts of space. Ceiling space is always a concern and needs to be taken into account when choosing between round and rectangular duct. When transporting duct, however, rectangular can be shipped broken down and is cheaper to ship.

Installation Costs - installation costs are determined by the complexity of the HVAC system and the height complexity of the site. Round typically is the fastest to install because of the 10' lengths, less joints, no tie rods and no assembly.  Rectangular and flat oval are similar in installation time.

Insulation - round and flat oval are the simplest to insulate, rectangular require stick pins when larger duct is in play. Rectangular duct can also be lined much easier than round duct. 

Air Friction Loss - size and shape have a dramatic impact on air friction loss. Rectangular ductwork has the highest loss per linear foot (excluding flexible ductwork) and round ductwork has the least loss per linear foot.

Efficiency - rectangular duct leaks more due to the increased longitudinal and transverse duct connections. Round and flat oval are self-sealing longitudinal and require less duct connections. 

Code Requirements - to prevent common problems, energy codes dictate the type, shape of duct. These codes must be observed and vary from region to region.

Ductwork Fabrication

Our process for ductwork fabrication is simple - you order it and we build it to your specifications.




United Team Mechanical follows theory of constraints and lean manufacturing principles - why does that matter? As we improve processes, you get a more competitive price on ductwork! We continue investing to improve our people, process and product.

How are we different? United Team Mechanical can fabricate ductwork, install and maintain a complete system. We are qualified to work on light commercial to heavy industrial mines 1,000 ft underground, we do it all! 

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