Commercial exhaust fans are a necessity on every building. Exhaust fans will exhaust the foul air out of your building, which can be replaced with outside air units, louvers, etc. We change the air in your building to keep your equipment, tenants, employees and all in between happy.

Commercial Fans

Picking and understanding the uses of each type of fan can be difficult, here is a quick summary of the most common fans we see and recommend:

  • Belt Driven Downblast / Upblast - typically for a larger exhaust system (warehouse, equipment rooms or general ventilation). Most commonly mounted on the roof or wall.

  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans - these fans excel in environments needing continuous ventilation (public bathrooms, hotels and conference rooms). Generally high-efficiency, quiet and an integral backdraft damper.

  • Radial Blade Blowers - superior performance used in corrosive, process ventilation, fume extraction and many high pressure applications.

  • In-line Duct Fans - ideal air movers for commercial and light industrial applications. 

  • Axial Exhaust Fans - used for commercial purposes and suitable for roof and wall mount.

  • Mixed Flow In-line Fans - used in many light commercial applications to help solve air moving issues that arise.

  • Shutter Wall Mount Fan - designed for commercial (warehouse, equipment rooms, factories and more) through the wall general ventilation purposes.

United Team Mechanical's Fan Preventive Maintenance Program

Much like your car (or anything mechanical), your fans need maintenance to keep them up and running properly. 


Sign up for our Air Handler Preventive Maintenance Program to receive the following benefits:

  • 24/7 on-call service

  • Professional service technicians

  • On-time scheduled maintenance

  • Access to a full fabrication shop and installation service options

Fan Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Often times the buildings already have a maintenance crew - consider giving them the following tips:

  • Shut off all electrical power - use all proper safety equipment (LOTO) and follow all necessary guidelines and procedures. 

  • Overall unit condition - check to ensure air handler is free of debris (leaves, paper, etc), especially around inlet screens and inside the air handler.

  • Belts - check condition, tension and pulley alignment - replace with any signs of wear and tear.

  • Inspect fans - lubricate motor and fan bearings, check fan condition (chips, cracks, dirt) and check drive alignment. Ensure the fan is centered within the appropriate housing.

This list is not a comprehensive maintenance schedule, but simply a few tips to help you get started in the right direction. For a full maintenance schedule and service, sign up for United Team Mechanical's Fan Maintenance Program.

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