Commercial HVAC consists of building spaces in the private sector. These spaces can include but aren't limited to, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, medical centers, and retail shopping centers. Commercial HVAC projects vary in size, scale, and scope. 

Commercial HVAC

New construction projects play a large role in this growing US economy. More than ever before businesses require higher air quality and more control over their indoor environment, in fact, HVAC contractors have grown by 2.9% to reach $96 billion in 2019. Commercial building is driven both by business cycles and population growth. As more people move into an area, demand increases for workspace; schools, municipal buildings, retail stores, and offices become fully occupied, which require additional buildings to meet that demand. 


In today's commercial HVAC environment, many builders now specialize in a single commercial market. Some specialize in high-rise buildings, tilt slab and others hone their expertise in providing heavy infrastructure facilities (water-treatment plants, dams, federal buildings).


Most commercial construction comes about as a result of a bidding process. An architect's design is let out for bid, competitors submit bids independently or jointly. Typically, the company with the lowest cost, best specification and proven history of work "wins" the bid and the project is awarded to that company.

Advantages of United Team Mechanical

  • History - we have a positive history of (1) getting the job done (2) working well with other contractors,  owners, suppliers (3) stepping up to meet any challenge (4) taking responsibility for the project. 


  • Experience - Albert Einstein said, "The only source of knowledge is experience." Our key team members EACH have ~40 years experience in the commercial HVAC industry.


  • Manufacturing - we have the ability to fabricate ductwork inside our own facility. Other companies have to turn to outside companies to fabricate ductwork, we can do it in house.


  • Maintenance - after installing your complete HVAC system and equipment our team will provide preventative maintenance. Contact our service department to see what they can do for you.

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United Team Mechanical products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SMACNA, ASHRAE and SPIDA standards. In an on-going effort to improve our products, United Team Mechanical reserves the right to revise the design and/or specifications of its products as technology advances or applicable standards change.

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