Hello! This is our life's work, we are proud of our team, and what we have accomplished. It has been a journey, and at certain points it seemed too much. Our culture is one of hard-work, dedication, grit, and the true American dream. Myself, and my brothers, Van and Russ started at the Holbrook company working in the contracting department, spending most our time in California with our young families. We later started Team Mechanical with many partners, which was eventually bought by Encompass. Although the timing was poor, Encompass went out of business a few years after buying us out. It left us in a peculiar situation - do we continue the tradition of HVAC and start all over again with all this risk or move on? We had a building, some people, and some unfinished contracts. As you can tell, we risked it all- I hope this is of motivation for you. If you are wondering if you should go for it, do it! If you don't, you will never know what would have happened. So we began United Team Mechanical in 2002, along with a number of great employees. It is now 2018, and we employ ~120, housed in a 50,000 square foot facility, and are coupled with a manufacturing department that produces around 300,000 lbs of ductwork per month. 


Commercial HVAC, Duct, heating and cooling, air conditioning, HVAC

Ted W. Taylor


Van Taylor



Annette Sexton

Office Manager

Don York

Service Manager

Lee Hamblin

Fabrication Sales

Steven Lamb

Project Manager

Brian Taylor

Project Manager

John Stull

Project Manager

Randy Funke

Project Manager

Troy Norton

Senior Estimator | Project Manager

Carl Nielson

Project Manager

Kevin Lamb

Project Manager

Shantelle Larsen


Zach Taylor

Finance Manager

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